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Finalising your dissertation or thesis can be a stressful time especially if language skills are not your forté. An independent proofreader can help to take some of that pressure off and give you the peace of mind that your submission is free from language errors that could detract from your content.

The majority of (but not all) universities allow their students to use proofreading services. However, in order to comply with strict plagiarism policies, there are certain regulations on what is and is not allowed.

In addition to any additional stipulations by your university, I follow my own code of practice regarding academic proofreading.

What I can do:

  • Correct spelling and typographical errors.

  • Ensure accurate punctuation is used throughout.

  • Check for and correct any grammatical errors.

  • Address any inconsistencies in word usage.

  • Check for errors in layout and spacing.

  • Check the formatting of references in accordance with your institution’s preferred style.

What I will not do:

  • Carry out any fact-checking.

  • Carry out rewriting of any kind.

  • Check the accuracy of your references.

  • Critique the content of your work.

Before I can agree to proofread your thesis or dissertation, I will need confirmation that your university allows their students to use proofreading services and an agreement from your academic supervisor.

You will also need to send me a small representative sample of your thesis or dissertation (around 500 words) to proofread. This is so that I can assess the level of edit required and give you an accurate quote. I won’t charge you for this and it will also give you the opportunity to make sure you are happy with my work before entering into an agreement.

If you would like more information, please get in touch.


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