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Before embarking on my career in professional proofreading and copyediting, I proudly served for over 13 years in the Royal Air Force. Now a veteran and military spouse, I offer bespoke editorial services specifically aimed at military and aviation associated publishers, writers and organisations.


Publishers and self-publishing authors

I provide editorial support to publishers and self-publishing authors of non-fiction military and aviation related books who are looking for a proofreader or copyeditor with first-hand military experience and a working knowledge of military and aviation related language and terminology. Key topics include military history, combat operations (WWI to modern day), aviation and military memoirs.


Veteran and military spouse-owned companies

Being both a veteran and a military spouse myself, I understand the challenges that can be faced when transitioning to civilian life and setting up a business whilst being ‘married to the military’. I offer editorial support such as proofreading website content, newsletters, course content, blogs and more. I specialise in helping veterans ensure that the language used in their business communications is accessible and suitable for a civilian readership.


Non-profit organisations affiliated with the Armed Forces

My personal military experience combined with professional editorial training allows me to assist non-profit organisations seeking to improve the quality of their written communications, especially those that are aimed at members of the Armed Forces (past and present) and their families. As a mental health first aider and volunteer for Combat Stress, I am particularly supportive of charities that promote awareness of mental health within the military community and welcome enquiries for pro bono proofreading for worthy causes.


Defence-related businesses

I offer professional proofreading and copyediting to businesses with a direct link to the military and defence. I am experienced in defence writing, compiling military reports and training materials. Furthermore, I am familiar with the language and tone used within the military environment and the paramount need for clear and unambiguous written communications.

For more information or to request a quote, please get in touch via my contact form or email me at jessica@jkbproofreading.co.uk.

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